Alvin…. Alvin…. Alvin….AL-VIN!!!!


Can’t you just hear it?  Dave Seville screaming Alvin’s name to get his attention?  I used to love listening to Alvin and The Chipmunk tunes….ok, I still do, just ask my kids and husband at Christmas time exactly what is the first CD I put on… It is Alvin & The Chipmunks (sheepish grin here).

So here on the homestead, I have 5 Chipmunks all screaming for my attention…well, they aren’t actually *mine*, but more so that they think *my yard* is *their yard* and raid my bird feeder and scamper up onto my feet looking for handouts 12/7 (yes, they do sleep at night thankfully).

Out of these 5 chipmunks that spend their days foraging for their winter stash, one is an extremely wise, crafty ol’ coot that could actually be the smart, sneaky Alvin from tv/music fame.

He deftly scampers up the tree, leaps onto the squirrel-proof bird feeder (don’t even go there, this is a chipmunk, NOT a squirrel) and then proceeds to stuff his cheek pouches full of sunflower seeds in 30 seconds flat and then scamper off to unload and be back before you can say gesundheit….or sooner…

IMG00502-20120518-1410The others (thankfully) do not climb the tree, they wait until Alvin drops enough seeds whilst stuffing his face and they then vacuum up the ground beneath… BUT…as adorable as these critters are, they are relentless and will stop at nothing to keep another chipmunk from getting at what they think is THEIRS…and while Alvin stuffs his cheeks, the others are fighting like you wouldn’t believe…Check these two out….one frame shot after the other….




Chipmunks move FAST….they soon disappeared in a zig-zag pattern into the brush and all I heard was squeals of protest.

These Chipmunks of mine spend from sun-up to sun-down with one clear mission in mind…

More…More…More…Get the seed…get the seed…get the seed…more…more…more….ya got any? huh huh huh? MINE MINE MINE!!!

You get the picture.

I now have to head to town tomorrow for more birdseed and peanuts….

I love life on the Homestead.

4 thoughts on “Alvin…. Alvin…. Alvin….AL-VIN!!!!

  1. LMAO, we do not have chippers around here, we have squirrels. The chippers hang out around Jasper and Banff National Parks. They get fed from the campers there. I do have a couple of fruits of my loins who would take care of the critter problem for you in a heart beat and a half 😛 They are cute little critters but they do not only hoard food, they (well squirrels anyway) will take anything shiny and disappear with it. Now I have the damn Chipmunks singing Christmas carols in my head in July-Thanks!:P

  2. You see, they show me to never give up. Someone will drop something and I will be there to pick it up. I keep working to get the end result. HMM!!! maybe we should all take a lesson from Mother Nature and these tiny creatures !!! Well done, Deborah, this was a fun blog!

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