How Did This Happen?

Normally I am a very neat, organized and tidy to a fault person.  It could be said I am OCD about keeping a tidy house.  Just ask my kids/husband or any random neighbour off the street.  They will all tell you not to even try moving anything a millimeter in my house lest you incur my wrath.

 This is my living room and kitchen in there current state.  It is driving me absolutely BANANAS.

DSC01085The couch is hosting the patio umbrella I made, it needs to get put back outside whenever Mother Nature is done with her surprise snow squalls this Spring.  The boxes under the coffee table and end table are things ordered for the bathroom renovations.  The blue wrapped thing in the dining room? That is the patio table glass awaiting said Spring  to be put outside (it almost went out last weekend).

DSC01086This is stuff to go up north this weekend, duvet fresh from the drycleaners and random tools, hangers, TP, books and my computer case.

DSC01087 This box is a sink and counter top for the downstairs bath.

DSC01091This even bigger box is the bathroom vanity….in my kitchen…

DSC01093and what living room isn’t complete without a garden nursery?  All my little green charges are coming along nicely, with some *adult* plants to watch over them and make sure they don’t get unruly or party all night long.

Seriously, this is sheer torture asking me to live like this.  Hopefully in a month’s time, everything will be back to normal…or I will be driven stark raving made by clutter.

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2 thoughts on “How Did This Happen?

  1. Good to know you are human too! Everyone has this kind of craziness at some point or another and I can relate to the frustration. I hate that kind of disorganization as well but the good thing is, it’s temporary. All of your clutter is productive clutter. In the end you’ll have a great new bathroom, garden, and outdoor furniture.

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