Countdown to Christmas ~ Bah Humbug!

I love Christmas… Christmas time.  Which for me, starts AFTER the end of November.  Not October 15th (circa retail displays) or even November 1st after Halloween.

I don’t want to acknowledge or even think about the Christmas Holidays until December 1st and even then, it takes me a good 2 weeks after that for me to get into the spirit and start grooving to The Chipmunks.  It is just all the commercialization of it that bugs me to no end.  Didn’t Charlie Brown ponder the real meaning of Christmas and not all the pomp/glitter and 50% Off of 150% Markup Sales?

To help you (ok, me too) get into the Christmas Spirit, I will be posting time-saving, stress-relieving, cash-saving, tips, tricks and ideas to inspire you to think of what Christmas means to you and your family and how to make the season a happier and less stressful one for all.  Think of it as my gift to you to save your sanity.

Don’t expect me to wish you all a Merry Christmas just yet…not until later in December…

But for now….Happy November 30th!



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