Christmas Countdown ~ Day 5

Attitude Adjustment

Day 5 and even though you have read the past 4 days of messages, you are still feeling grumpy, moody and miserable.

Take a ‘ME’ day.

Turn the cell phone off.  Don’t answer the landline (I don’t answer mine anymore as the only calls I seem to get are people abusing the Do Not Call List).  Brew a cup of your favourite coffee, tea or hot chocolate and head to the quietest room of the house.  Read that book that has been sitting on your night table for months.  Soak in a hot bath.  Bundle up and take a stroll in your neighbourhood.  Pop your favourite CD in the stereo and dance until you are exhausted.

You get the idea.

So go and do it.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown ~ Day 5

  1. Sounds wonderful. I have SO many books on my to be read list. SO many of my Papa’s books that I kept (he was an amazing history buff and I kept A LOT of his books), as well as ones on my Kindle ….

    Only 4 years to go til retirement … reading is definitely high on THAT list, when the time comes! LOL


  2. most definitely the best present you can give yourself. As the boys age and go out with their friends more often, I find myself taking and accepting more ME days and I love them.

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