8 Random Things About Me

Why 7?  ‘Cause if I told you everything about me, then I would have nothing else to write about in the future….

*ok…so I messed up the numbering and fixed it…which now gives 8 Random Things About Me….oh well!  Thanks Trishie for pointing out my goof….funny how you can look at something and NOT see a typo???

1.  Favourite Sport – NASCAR

2.  Favourite Colour – Blue (at the moment, it changes seasonally)

3.  Favourite Musical Group – Led Zeppelin

4.  Favourite Food – Pizza, followed closely by Pierogies

5.  Favourite Outdoor Activity – Fishing

6.  Favourite Indoor Activity – Cooking

7.  Best Christmas Present Ever – My horse, complete with bow around her neck             (thanks sweetie!)

8.  I am totally OCD about house cleaning. 

I hope that satisfies anyone that was even remotely curious about me…. 😀

7 thoughts on “8 Random Things About Me

  1. Do you know that you have 2 x no 3’s!!!

    1. Should be F1, 2. Blue is good I like blue too, 3. Led Zepplin – really!! 3. Pizza disagrees with me now 🙁 , 4. I prefer camping, 5. I’ll agree with the cooking 🙂 , 6. Lucky you getting a horse, my best Christmas present was a Jacuzzi bath, 7. Wanna bring your OCD’edness to my house?!!

    • You pay my airfare and I will be on the next plane to Ireland to clean your house 🙂 Bummer pizza disagrees with you now…that must totally suck! and nevermind the F1! 🙂

      • If I could afford the airfare, I’d be getting on a plane to your clean house, to taste my first perogi, see Niagra Falls and drive to Vicki’s house with you and eat, shop & be merry along the way!!

          • just Vick? WTH am I? Chopped Liver? You would travel all across the pond, and not take a drive west? Totally bummed now 🙁
            Did you know my favourite sport is making fun of people-here is my new fav saying “I am not saying we need to rid the world of idiots, but lets just get rid of all the warnings on bottles and see how it plays out.” xoxo

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