Vamos a Mexico

It’s that time of year.  Time to be the typical Canadian that flees the frigid arctic air mass that has settled over Southern Ontario (and much of North America actually) and head south for some sun, sand, surf…and cervezas!

This has to be the perfect timing for getting away, this past week has been frightfully cold and I am thankful we have a wood stove for alternate heat.  As well as warming up the basement, it helps to shut the furnace up for a while.

We are headed to sunny Mexico for a week, therefore there will be no posts until after I return, meanwhile, I have put together a snapshot video for you so you can at least be there with me vicariously.  Please turn your speakers on, you will love the accompanying music!

Adios y Salud!

6 thoughts on “Vamos a Mexico

  1. hey thanks … vicariously is good… great video thanks for sharing and YOU HAVE YOURSELF A GREAT TIME… see ya back here when you come home!!!

  2. I love it Deb!! Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear about the adventures. Have a great time, adios Amiga!! I’m far over due for a fun in the sun vacation too.

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