Toss? Or Keep?

The change of seasons spurs me into purge mode.  Each new season (or at the very least, twice a year) I pull all the clothes out of my dresser drawers and closet and fling them onto the bed.  I inspect them.  I try them on, I yank them off in disgust wondering how I could have purchased such an item, then toss it onto the floor.  Though I go through this ritual with most of my clothes, I have never actually gone through my ‘unmentionables’ drawers.  Typically stuffing any new items in while pushing the old to the back.

Purging these 2 dresser drawers was long overdue.  What started the whole process was a quest to hunt down a piece of paper….a very important piece of paper.  The ownership to hubbies car, which has mysteriously gone missing.  That was the inspiration point for this whole post, and the resulting garbage bag(s) stuffed to the brim of unwanted items.

So today (well yesterday actually, as I was writing this post then to be posted today), I decided to delve into the recesses of said dressers and closet to uncover countless forgotten or banished items, then decide what is worth keeping (if it fits) or toss (if it is moth-eaten) or to donate.

Along the way, I found many things that no longer fit.  Like bras…aka double-barreled slingshots.  Supreme holder of ‘The Girls’.  I had loads of them.  Some as old as my 20 something son.  Did you know that women’s boobs change in shape and size a gazillion times over their lifetime?  I think Mother Nature is in cahoots with bra manufacturers, getting us to have to buy new ones twice a year.

BrasAs I was searching for said piece of paper, I also uncovered ancient..and I do mean ancient…slips.  5 in all, of varying lengths.  Do women even wear slips these days??  I know I haven’t worn one in almost 30 years (yes 30, I am more ancient than the slips).   All were relegated to the donate pile.  Perhaps some teens would want them for a new fashion forward trend yet to be invented, like wearing slips outside of leggings….hmmm.. I see a budding fashion designer career in my future.

So, out with the old, worn or doesn’t fit and keep only what does.  Then take stock of what you have left and add/replace only what you need.  Thus keeping your drawers in a neat and tidy state of harmony.

Did I find the coveted piece of paper?  Nope.  Still looking….

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2 thoughts on “Toss? Or Keep?

  1. Believe it or not I still wear a slip. Do you not wear any skirts or dresses or do you just go without a slip? I know a lot of women quite wearing them in the mid 90’s and later. Looks like you stopped in the 80’s if it was almost 30 years ago. Were they half slips or full slips? I would be suprised if the elastic was still good if they were half slips.

    • I do not wear skirts or dresses here at home anymore. I prefer dress pants for work clothes for comfort and less *fuss*. I do wear skirts and sundresses on my Mexican vacations though…no slips required there! 🙂 A couple of the slips I tossed were full slips, the rest were half-slips. I think the slips were mummified…they were there in that drawer far too long 😉

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