This is gonna hurt….

While the gardens kept me busy throughout the summer, it is time to get back into an exercise routine now that the last of my canning/gardening chores are behind me.  I need to focus on getting my beach bod in shape for my January trip to sunny Mexico, not to mention build some upper body strength to deal with the impending white stuff.

So I pulled my exercise runners and Pilates DVD’s out of mothballed storage and got to work first thing this morning.  After 45 minutes of huffing, puffing and feeling like a bloated cow wearing a size x-small sausage skin, I thankfully was done.

exercise stuffI found out two things.

First….I am out of shape.

Second…. I am very much out of shape.

But I am looking forward to Day Two.  Right now at least.  I know my mind (and body) will have something different to say tomorrow morning.  Therefore I will be looking for some extra motivation once I bounce out of bed with all the energy of a slug.

For those that are faithful gym bunnies, what makes you get up in the morning and hit the gym?  Are there any tips or tricks you have implemented to talk yourself into keeping the exercise momentum going?

At the moment my motivation is my bathing suit for Mexico. I have it taped to the fridge, along with a giant pink pig made from construction paper….hope it works…

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4 thoughts on “This is gonna hurt….

  1. music music music. When I do not feel like moving, I dig out some new music that got me rockin or polka-ing from days gone by and it usually gets me in the mood.
    I also had a work out buddy when I lived in the city, we took turns moaning but always got the other person moving. Luckily we moaned on alternate days. And I set small goals and treat myself along the way. Replace the idea of the swim suit with a pair of sexy butt jeans, when you feel good in them, treat yourself and hubs to…..well to whatever you want…..include whipped cream and fudge or a movie, whatever works for you.

  2. I always feel better after I work out, and if I do it in the morning, I am much happier all day long. I also feel like I have accomplished something that day!

    I am on a “do a class then add some more” schedule right now, and it is going well. Routines are important, make it a habit, lay out your workout clothes if you need to, I know someone who sleeps in hers!

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