Staying Healthy During The Holidays

What is the Hardest Part of the Holidays?

Staying Healthy of course…

As we head into a very stressful time of year with a very hectic schedule ahead.  Make sure you and your family stay healthy over the holiday season by being mindful of holiday stressors that can suddenly creep in to kill the holiday mood.

Fatigue:  Most adults can attest to not getting enough sleep all year long, but throw the madness of holiday time into the mix and you have a good chance of being downright miserable and cranky come December 25th.  So do what I do – nap! Who says naps are just for children?  Even a 30 to 60 minute nap is enough to recharge your batteries to get you through the day.  Make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night too.

Over-indulgence:  Yes, it is the holiday season, but it is no reason to totally abandon your healthy meal choices.  Over-indulging not only leads to weight gain, but it will make you miserable in the process and lead to anxiety which leads to sleeplessness, which leads to more misery post-holiday time.  Treat yourself once in a while, but also keep the hummus and carrot sticks handy for when you want a snack.

Exercise:  Just because it is the holidays, doesn’t mean you are allowed to hang up your gym shoes for the month of December.  If you can’t find the time to get to the gym, throw your favourite music CD into the player, crank it up and dance while you vacuum or steal 20 minutes from your day and bundle up to take a brisk walk.  Moving even for just 20 minutes a day will help to keep your muscle tone.

Booze:  Most certainly, for an adult, it can be one of the best (or worst, depends how you look at it) things to happen over the holidays.  Fancy-schmancy martini’s and liqueurs to sample at the many parties to attend can lead to more than just a hangover the next day.  Too much booze isn’t good for the mind or the waistline.  One of the best things to do while at a holiday party is to drink a full glass of water after each cocktail, taking the time to nurse both cocktail and water will ensure you are staying hydrated and sober.  One major rule of the holiday season never to be broken is: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.  Call a cab or have someone be your DD.

De-Stressing Activities:  Make time at the end of your hectic day by taking 30 minutes or so to ‘unwind’.  Walk the dog, do some yoga or pilates, unearth your knitting project or work on that crossword puzzle.  Spending 30 minutes or so to unwind at the end of the day will prepare you for a good nights sleep.

zenPracticing and following through on the above will help you get through the coming days of madness without sacrificing your mind and body…soon it will be over and we will be able to get back into our normal routines…whatever your normal may be!

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