Renovations Continue

Wow…where has the time gone since I last posted?  Sorry folks, but renovations are taking priority right now and there is simply not enough time in the day to get everything done that I need to do AND be able to write some really good stuff here.

I know, I am falling by the wayside, but don’t worry, once the reno’s are done and the garden plants are on their way with minimal babysitting I will have more time to dedicate to my musings.  I hardly have time for knitting and weaving and barely manage to squeak in about an hours worth of knitting before collapsing in bed.

Yesterday the sun was shining  but with a forecast of doom, gloom and lots of rain for today and the next couple days, I concentrated on the outside, getting my garden bed in order and creating a new one.

We, hubby did a half demo of the upstairs bathroom on the weekend, ripping out the walls of original 70’s wall tile encircling the room, then it was off to the dump to dispose of the wreckage.  While he destroyed walls, I was painting the new bathroom downstairs and with him being overhead, it sounded like he was going to come through the ceiling with all the hammering of walls to pieces.

Here is the upstairs bathroom….nice enough don’t you think?  How about the custom temporary towel bar? I know, you wish your bathroom looked like this….

IMG_20140428_161545 (2) IMG_20140428_161604 (2)I must get back to painting now ~ Yippee!  Actually, I have been painting since the weekend and am almost done the new bathroom.  I would love to post a pic, but right now with the walls painted white primer and a white ceiling plus no lighting on a gloomy rainy day equals nothing to see.  Once I get the finish colour on I will crank the lights up and take some photos.

I am signing off for now, but here is an FYI for you, I do have a couple new recipes in the works, one I am still test driving and is *almost* there, the other is from a friend that is a fantastic side dish for a roast beef / prime rib dinner that you will be happy to add to your regular rotation.

Hasta Luego!

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2 thoughts on “Renovations Continue

  1. What color did you choose for the bathroom?? We are redoing our Master Bath (enSuite), it is ripped out and I need to choose tile, paint for the bath and paint for the master bedroom. HARD!!


    • You are right. I wrestled with colours for both the new bathroom and our main bath but I chose floor tile first as those can’t be changed (without a lot of $$$ and time/mess) and matched paint colour to tile afterwards. I stuck to neutrals for floor tile, but the granite counter in the new lower bath has flecks of light gray, light brown and the palest of gold and ended up choosing a very pale yellow called ‘Creme Brulee’ (Behr Paints, colour # 360E-1), the floor tiles are a cream/light gray ceramic, textured.

      The main bath I am going more in the tan direction, the colour name is “Wild Porcini” (Behr Paints, colour # 250E-3), makes sense as I love mushrooms! 🙂 The tiles in the upper(main) bath are called ‘Tobacco’, from Adamson Flooring (excellent flooring! visit, I have known the owner for over 10 yrs now and he has done my entire house and nobody can beat his pricing – stunning product at great prices, located in Stoney Creek, check him out! 🙂

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