PB & Banana Rollups ~ Not just for kids!

I must admit, ever since I was a wee tot, I have always loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  There couldn’t be a better match made in the culinary world than these 2 plain ingredients in my opinion.  With this slight spin on the traditional sammie, kids will be even more enamored by them, not to mention, they are easier and less messier for kids to eat without the banana slices falling out.

This is also where you can sneak in some good, whole-grain goodness into without them knowing.


1 ripe Banana
2 Tbsp Peanut Butter (any variety, whatever you usually use)
1 Whole-Grain Tortilla (6″ size)


Spread the peanut butter onto the tortilla like this:

DSC06388If your bananas are really large like mine was, use 3/4’s of it and place it in the middle of the tortilla with the pointed end at the one edge of the tortilla like this:

DSC06390Fold up the bottom of the tortilla over the cut end of the banana, then wrap the one side over the top of the banana.  The peanut butter is sticky enough to hold the tortilla in place.

DSC06391Overlap the other side of the tortilla over the banana and voila! instant sandwich with less filling bread and more banana and peanut butter goodness!

DSC06393These are also perfect for picnics or day trips as they are so easy to put together and they travel well too (not to mention no crumbs littering the car!).

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