Pancakes Or Waffles?

It is Wednesday and inquiring minds want to know…

Do you prefer…



waffle clipartWaffles?

Secondly…WHY do you prefer one to the other?

Please write your comments below as I am putting together an unscientific study to be compiled into a post at a later date.

Many thanks for your cooperation!

2 thoughts on “Pancakes Or Waffles?

  1. WAFFLES! hands down. it’s a “texture” thing for me. I love the crispiness of the outside of the waffle and the softness of the inside. Now having said that, if someone offered me pancakes because there were no waffles….I wouldn’t pass them up!

  2. Waffles hands down!

    Waffles have spaces for the melted butter to pool and for the syrup to gather, instead of sliding off and puddling on the plate. But, they have to be REAL Waffles, not the Eggo variety.

    I remember having Waffles with ice cream, as in an ice cream sandwich, when I was young, made right in front of me at a fair and it was heavenly-delicious. No pancake could even dream of comparing to that taste.

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