Smitten….ever been smitten with something? Not someONE, but someTHING?

Gardening is it for me….
(yeah, yeah, I hear you, here I go again)

But wait!

NOW is the most important time to plan out your garden! 

Regardless of what the weather is doing outside, you can always start a mini greenhouse indoors.  So yesterday I started my herbs in pots, Parsley, Cilantro, Thyme & Basil, mainly for being able to use them earlier and planting a second batch later on in April. 

Today (well, actually it was yesterday, as I always do my posts ahead) I was searching on-line for companies that mail out seed catalogues and came across one that is…get this…. has a catalogue on-line!  Who needs to wait for a paper-wasting-hard-copy?  Save a tree! Download a .pdf instead!

So this is what I downloaded….courtesy of OSC (Ontario Seed Company)

There are many other seed companies out there, like  or but I chose OSC mainly due to them being a Canadian company, and specifically in Ontario as that is where my garden(s) are. 


So now I am smitten with an on-line seed catalogue and am hopelessly lost in its pages trying to pick out what to grow.  Of course, I want to grow everything, but I will have to rein myself in and be creative as space is highly limited.

In about 2 months time, I will be able to haul out all my little pots and trays and get down to some serious seed planting. 

I can not WAIT! 

(yeah, I know…I’m nuts)

5 thoughts on “ooooooh….Shiny!

  1. thanks for the link, I will check it out. I want to do some geranium cuttings this week and stick a couple seeds into dirt, so glad I am not alone-fellow gardeners are getting itch green thumbs 🙂

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