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Woot! Our first ‘Official’ long weekend of the summer is upon us!  Even though summer doesn’t arrive for another month, we Canadian’s take full advantage of any temperatures warmer than -10C and add it to our short summer season.

Holiday Monday marks Queen Victoria’s birthday.  Sure, she’s been long gone for a while, but we still like to honour her birthday with a day off, family BBQ’s, fireworks and of course, plenty of cold beverages and lounging in the sun.  She is also nice enough to let us continue with our time honoured tradition we affectionately call ‘The May Two-Four Weekend’, regardless if it actually falls on the 24th or not.  See Queen Vicki has a roving birth date, never the same date year after year as it is always the last Monday before the 25th of May.  I know, strange, but that’s us Canuck’s…we are a strange bunch.

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy & Safe long weekend and you Americans are right behind us with your Memorial Day the following weekend.  If you are inclined, feel free to start your partying a week early and join in on our festivities, we Canuck’s are also known to be mighty friendly.

Here is next week’s menu and Cheers!
But Remember ~ Please do NOT Drink & Drive!

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