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Is it really here? Spring? Maybe? Stop teasing us ok? Enough of the whacko weather, let’s get down to some serious sunshine and HEAT….

This week we had one day of clear blue skies and sun so I summoned the energy and courage to finish the dreaded de-thatching of the lawn.  I found out something…we have a LOT of lawn space.   If you do not know about de-thatching, you are lucky, more on that topic next week….suffice it to say de-thatching a lawn makes for a very exhausted and sore Homesteader.  There are still many other outdoor Spring chores to do, but with the bulk of the hard stuff out of the way (and 8 full yard waste bags to put out to recycling), I can look forward to the fun stuff – like turning over the garden beds to get them ready for their summer residents.

Next weeks menu lineup features a new recipe to try for beer battered fish.  With never having made one before, let’s hope hubby has his game face on… I will report back on said recipe with a Pass, Fail or Never-To-Be-Attempted-Again.


maple leaves green frame Recipe Links

Cajun Shrimp
Whole Wheat Pizza Dough


One thought on “Next Weeks Menu

  1. I for one cannot wait for the something w/ something meal on Thursday. Maybe I should step up to the plate and come up with a KD meal or some other freezer food thing???? 🙂
    As for the beer battered fish bring it on!

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