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Boy, has this week ever flown by.  It is already Friday and we have had such a gorgeous week full of sunshine and warm weather it almost feels like August again.  For the third week in a row, I have tried to make Lemon Thyme Chicken, each time, it was subbed out at the last minute by something else.  This week was no different. We had a great excuse this time though.

After we launched the boat on Monday afternoon, we woke up Tuesday to a perfect day for fishing.  We eagerly headed out to our favourite fishing hole and were able to catch our limit in less than an hour, thus having a darn tasty pickerel dinner that night.  It was long overdue and we savoured every delicious bite.

We are hoping for a continuation of great weather this weekend as Pickerel season ends October 15th in our area, that doesn’t leave many opportunities left to enjoy one of Nature’s best tasting freshwater fish.

Maybe next Friday I will try and get the Lemon Thyme chicken into the menu for the following week, try being the operative word here….

Here is your weekly meal inspiriation and I hope you enjoy the weekend wherever it takes you.

and remember,  Don’t Drink & Drive!

maple leaves green frameFor anyone wanting to try our old family recipe for a baked pickerel dinner, click here.

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