My ‘UnPlanned’ Summer Vacation

Unplanned? Yes, totally unplanned… Ok, part of that statement up there is a fib.  I do admit, I DID announce I was going on a ‘Gone Fishin’ trip back on June something or other and it’s been so long since I last posted that I actually forget the date (please don’t remind me either, I feel bad enough already), but that post was more for a ‘planned event’ as there was an upcoming web server technical issue that I knew was going to put a kink in my well laid summer blog plans.

Well….this so-called ‘issue’ turned into a full blown catastrophic Windsor KNOT.  Due to a severe storm and major flooding in Toronto, (I nor my web server live within spitball range of Toronto) all the techies responsible for maintenance of telephone lines/installs/etc. were called to service Ontario’s capital city and get them back up and running…leaving everyone else that was waiting for an install hanging….and hanging…and hanging.

After 21 days, I am back in business.

Aren’t you all lucky?

During this whole fiasco, my GangUp Challenge was issued and of course, I couldn’t report any results until I was back in the land of cyberspace.  So next week, look for the skimpy results of the latest cooking challenge, which was such a challenge I think I scared almost all the ‘regulars’ from participating.

It feels good to be back in front of a computer screen…even though the ‘real world’ at the Homestead had WAY better scenery to look at than this white screen with blue and black text….


Next week there will be a ton of stuff for you all to catch up on.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


4 thoughts on “My ‘UnPlanned’ Summer Vacation

  1. I am enjoying, going to read these backwards. Glad to have you back, I was on holidays so I did not read anything, came home and you were GONE! 🙁 I have some catching up to do.

  2. your comment sections are closed so let me recap here (as best as my alzheimers will allow….
    loved the chickadee housing prices, so glad to see the market was affordable and it’s all about location location location, the flip flop are a bomb! Hair band-great idea, I have curly hair so EVERYTHING stays in the hair, but it is thick so I need heavy combs to keep it up.
    You put your veggies behind bars, I just execute the culprits that hurt my garden.
    You lost an inch in height, I also lost a 1/2 inch, but I had not been to the Dr in 15 years….so not sure when I lost the 1/2 inch 🙁 I was also sad now at 5′ 6 1/2″ it still hurts, 6’7″ hubs also had nothing to say to me, and I too got a kiss and an understanding smile)
    Canada Day was great, we were crabbing and ate fresh crab until I felt like I would burst
    Gang up- so sorry I missed it, busy time for me. I could have worked with that list. Hope you had some good results
    Your garden tour was great, romaine lettuce is growing like weeds, nothing better than real romaine, it is my fav lettuce
    Still in awe over the flip flops, I am making a pair when I have 20 minutes to spare…which should be next week:)
    Thanks for the read, my tea was great and this was a great way to kick back, relax and enjoy your humour. Hope the storms were not too hard on you. Stay Safe!

    • I have missed your western wit and charm chica! glad you had a nice vacation too, although ‘going crabbing’ can have several meanings 😀 The comments are set to automatically close after 14 days, I implemented that a while ago as spammers were getting out of hand. Since I was offline for 3 weeks, the spammers have hopefully moved on to greener blogs to annoy and I switched off the 14 day thing. You too lost a 1/2″ see??? it is very upsetting, especially when you are a shrimp like me anyway 🙂 I had to LOL about executing the culprits that hurt your garden, its the chipmunks that try to dig in newly sown planters and steel mesh works like a dream to keep them out. You will have to let me know how your flip flops turn out! Hopefully your western homestead wasn’t too overgrown when you came back from vacation, last thing you want to do is work your butt off for 2 days after a vacation to get things under control. Thanks for popping in and great to hear from you!

  3. Wow, I missed so many
    waffles for me, it’s a texture think and I also love filling the little squares with homemade chokecherry syrup, mmmmm
    Bike butt, priceless, hubs and I walk when we go on vacation or camping. Fishing all day in the boat is great but very inactive so after supper we take long walks and enjoy the nature in the area.
    deer proofing was genius
    your salsa looks great, nice light summery salsa

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