Mother’s Day Gift ~ Lavender Sachet Pillow

What Mom wouldn’t want one of these gorgeous little pillows in her lingerie drawer? Filled with dried lavender flowers, it is the perfect scent that is neither too strong nor too subtle.

DSC04448All you need is some leftover fabric and dried lavender flowers (found at Craft Shops or grow and dry your own).

Take a 7″ x 13″ piece of fabric, fold in half (lengthwise, wrong sides together), stitch 2 of the 3 seams  with a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Turn right side out, stuff with dried flowers and then fold in the seam allowance of the last opening and slip-stitch closed.  Top-stitch 3/8″ all the way around the pillow making sure not to catch any of the lavender inside (push it towards the middle of the pillow).

Guaranteed to make Mom smile on Mother’s Day (or perhaps forgive you for whatever it is you have done wrong today).

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