Knuts for Knitting

Ever get the bug for something and you can’t stop? 

That is me lately… I have not been able to put down the knitting needles since mid-August.  The cooler weather of Fall that arrived has prodded me further into action.

I just finished a beautiful, hooded cowl for my daughter (below), that was made using an Alpaca blended yarn.  First time ever working with Alpaca….man, talk about a hairy yarn.  I felt like I had 5 cats sleeping on my lap whenever I was working on it.  Definitely a ‘messy’ yarn, but extremely warm and works up beautifully.  My best friend was the vaccuum after each knitting session…..

Laura’s Hoodie

I am currently working on a pattern that will be a mitt/hat/scarf set for when I am out and about showing houses this winter.  Ask any real estate what they hate most about showing houses in the winter….it is that their hands are always freezing because they are trying to open lockboxes with numb hands.  Hopefully these will keep my fingers toasty so that I can get into the darn things.

My New Mitts…in progress

So far in the past month and half I have made 2 hats, 4 pairs of mitts and a scarf, all of these done for when I am at the Homestead.  It gets a LOT colder there than it does at home so I made some lightweight ones for ‘not-as-cold’ days and then some extra-wooly-warm ones for those ‘freeze-your-butt-off’ days.  You can never have enough mitts and hats around when it is Minus Whatever Celsius in the Great White North.

By the way, if you didn’t know this already, -40C is the same as -40F…when it gets that freaking cold….cold is C-O-L-D.

Anyone else out there a knit (or crochet) fanatic?  Would love to hear what you are working on….so feel free to email or link a pic in the comment section.

Oh, and if you haven’t discovered the following website yet, your missing out!  Get on over to and check it out, you will soon be lost in a sea of yarn, patterns and wanna-do projects.

3 thoughts on “Knuts for Knitting

  1. LOVE, Love, love the cowl! i am currently trying to teach myself to crochet! it’s a slooooow process! i get about 6-7 rows in and then it starts to get smaller. i rip it out, and start again….6-7 rows, rip out etc. that’s what i’ve been doing for the last few weeks as i sit in the hospital rm with my uncle, watching him sleep! sigh. keep on clicking those needles deb 🙂

    • Weebs, you are obviously missing stitches if it is getting smaller each time 🙂 I am no crochet pro, but try and count the stitches as you crochet them in each row….then you will know sooner (than later) if you are missing stitches…keep at it though! 🙂

  2. Great blog Deb. Now, that the weather is getting cooler, I love to grab a cup of coffee and sit by the fire with a crochet hook or my knitting needles. To me, it’s like making soups and stews. A sign that winter’s on the way.

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