DIY Drink Coasters

If you are a knitter or a crochet person (like me), then you will definitely see the benefits to these simple drink coasters.

I always have tons of leftover wool from projects.  Never enough to DO anything with as you typically just buy the amount you need for any given project.  Patterns always give you leeway and there is always some leftover.

I came upon this idea long, long ago…so long I forgot about it until I sat at the Homestead over the weekend knitting mittens (which would lead to more scrap wool) and surveyed how many of these things I have here….I counted 12 throughout the various rooms…but it always seems like I never have enough sometimes to go around when company comes.

So I need to make some more and thought, why the heck shouldn’t I pass along this little tidbit of Decorator DIY to my readers?

So here you go….

Materials Needed:

Scrap yarn of various colours, worsted weight works really well for the canvas size

Plastic Canvas sheets (optimum size is 6 squares/inch), they come in various sized sheets from places like Michael’s Craft Stores.

Large eyed darning needle or tapestry needle

Coloured felt squares


Cut plastic canvas into 4″ x 4″ squares, taking care to have an even edge all the way around.  Using different coloured yarns, fill the squares of the plastic canvas with half stitches just like you are needlepointing a project.  Fill the whole canvas and tuck the ends underneath to secure them. 

Cut a 4″ x 4″ felt square and place on the back of the plastic square.  Whipstich around the edge to secure and tuck in ends…VOILA…instant drink coaster.

Be creative with your designs, you don’t have to have plain colours.  As is evident by this one…and yes, this one is mine 🙂

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