How To Make A Feather Pillow…

Spending time up here on the Homestead has a lot of advantages.  Like watching beautiful sunsets, reading a good book, killing ants by the millions before they invade your house and enjoying the local flora and fauna. 

Not to sit around too much (idle hands makes for idle brains), I got to thinking….and I have discovered that there is a fantastic by-product to feeding the local Mallard duck population.

I have even prepared a Video Tutorial for you too. Please make sure you turn your sound up….

This project may take me several summers of feather collecting before I actually have enough to make one pillow…of which hubs has already placed dibs on…

5 thoughts on “How To Make A Feather Pillow…

  1. BWAHAHAHAHA! Now I want to eat some cheese and quackers. What a cliff hanger of a video- very surprising ending. Give my guys 2 minutes since you bait, err, I mean feed them and they will get you feathers for a pillow in no time flat. I believe you will need a few more feathers to enjoy a pillow. GIL made all her grandson’s feather pillows years ago, I think she used goose down that they collected (ahem) for her. They have been washed and hung to dry so many times and are still in use. Hubs loves his. If you are not fussy about feathers, I could send you some chicken and turkey feathers in the fall….LOL they will be fresh and clean:P Enjoy your flock watching.

    • Ha! Chicken and Turkey Feathers, doesn’t matter to me as long as they are feathers 🙂 I know the local hunters will be sincerely thanking me for the nice grain fed ducks this Fall 😀

  2. That’s pretty damn clever missy! And yes indeed the hunters will be happy to have some nice plump ducks! But really, isn’t killing the ants what you would really rather do?

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