How To Build A Bathroom

or more aptly…

How To Drive Yourself Crazy Building A Bathroom.

We have decided to build a bathroom in our basement.  We only have one bathroom in our current home.  Incredulous I know, but our house was built in the early 70’s and there didn’t seem to be a need to build a bathroom for every bedroom like the new construction homes of today.  We raised our 2 kids using only one bathroom, we figured it was no big deal.  Scheduling was all that was needed on busy weekday mornings.

But soon we will be downsizing and families of today (demand) want more than one bathroom.  As a Realtor in real life, I know the importance of having that second bathroom as a selling feature.

So….we are biting the bullet and building one in an empty space beside the laundry room.  Which isn’t going to be that easy as we have no rough-in for drain pipes downstairs.  Having a background in new construction in a past job life, I understand what needs to happen.

It’s concrete busting time!

Not by us of course, we do not own jackhammers.  I have called a company to come in and give us some direction in this regard.  He is supposed to come today (in a blizzard no less) and have a peek and let us know how many gazillion dollars it will cost.

That will be the hardest part.  Once the drains are in, it is then on to the actual construction.  Building walls, running plumbing lines and electrical, laying floor tile, etc.  Which has me going crazy wondering what colour scheme to do?  What type of fixtures to install?  Do I go Traditional or Contemporary in design?

I have spent considerable time this past week cruising the virtual halls of Home Depot and Lowes looking at vanities, sinks, taps, lighting and shower units.

Bathroom Collage

They say marriages either bloom or fail in a home reno project.

I am hoping for early Spring blooms.

Signature copy

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  1. We are doing over our master bathroom (ensuite) this spring. We have the new vanity, sinks, taps … still need to choose flooring and buy a new toilet. As soon as we get home from Italy, he starts. We currently only have one sink and are putting in two, so lots of plumbing rework for Doug to do!!

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