Guess What Time It Is?

It is GangUp Challenge Time!

It has been far too long since we have done one of our cooking competitions.  Almost 6 months to be exact, (view last posted GangUp here) and I have been asked by a few folks in the last little while wondering WHEN the next one was going to be.

Well, wait no further.  The time has come to flex your culinary muscles and come up with a unique dish from the list of ingredients below.

The rules are the same, and for any newbies to the Challenge out there, here is how it works:

Rules & Reg’s:  There are 3 items that are in addition to the list of 10 ingredients that are ‘standard pantry staples’ that you are allowed to use.

They are Water, Salt & Pepper

You can modify the ingredients with substitutions as follows:

1. You can either use all 10 ingredients as is, or add 2 ingredients, or remove 2 ingredients or add one/delete one.  But the changes made must equal 2.

2. You can make one dish out of them or two or three, but they all must be part of the same meal i.e. entrée/side dishes.

3. Once you have created your masterpieces of the culinary world, email me a photo of your dish, as well as what ingredients you used and the recipe you came up with.

Usually I pick a theme or use the time of year as the basis for the chosen ingredients, and seeing as we are now just entering summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, homegrown Spring/Summer ingredients will be highlighted for a ‘Picnic‘ theme.

This ties in nicely since we are heading into a long weekend here in the Great White North, July 1st marks our country’s birthday followed closely by Independence Day south of the border, I can’t think of a better time to prepare a picnic feast!  Bonus, you will have a captive audience of guinea pigs (family members) to test drive your recipes on.


Fresh Pod Peas
Olive Oil
Rice (any kind)
Spring Greens (baby romaine, mesclun mix, etc.)

I bet you all are wondering what the heck you are going to do with rhubarb, radishes and chicken!  I am sure you will don your Chef’s Hat and come up with something that will surprise yourself and your family….or leave them running for the phone to order Pizza.

You will have until midnight (EST) Monday, July 8th (that is 2 WHOLE WEEKS!) to think, plan, shop and prepare your picnic meal.

Email your recipes with photos to me at: to be featured in a post for that week.

All I need from you NOW is your confirmed participation by leaving a comment below.  Any questions? Leave them below too.

Hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am!

5 thoughts on “Guess What Time It Is?

  1. Maaann! I checked in to see if I missed you actually going on vacation. I can’t do it this time, but I wanted to let you know I haven’t been getting my subscription reminders since the birdhouse tenants. You didn’t cut me out for not commenting did you? 😛 Have fun gangin’ up!

    • Thanks for letting me know Linda, I had put my email address in as a subscriber to make sure the emails were going out and I have been getting them. Strange indeed! Sorry you can’t jump in on the GangUp, I will miss your amusing and highly creative talents! 🙂

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