Dream Kitchen

I think it is safe to assume pretty much every woman (and culinary inspired men too) have an idea of what their dream kitchen would look like and what appliances they would like to see gracing their spacesSS Fridge.

Whether you are the Modern type wanting the sleek, stylish and somewhat sterile-looking Stainless Steel appliances that have been all the rage for the past 10 years…

Of which a major advantage of them being that their sharp, clean lines suit a wide ranging colour palette. 


Retro Collage

Or a throwback to the 50’s and 60’s wishing to combine Retro styling and bold colouring to make a statement….they even have the same Arborite looking style on the backsplashes.  These models come in gas or electric and are just as energy efficient as other new models, they just look old.  Available in all the horrid colours from that era too…Pink Flamingo (aka Salmon), Robin’s Egg Blue, Butter Yellow, whatever tickles your fancy, apparently they custom colour as well….

Antique Kitchen

Or perhaps you are the Antique~type,
loving the old, turn of the century look..with matching Saloon and  hitching post outside the front door.

Me… I fall into the Antique category, ok, maybe no saloon in sight, but still beautiful none the less. 


But THIS is the stove I would have to have in my Homestead Dream Kitchen….

Elmira StoveWorks Oven

Elmira Stove Works is located a short hour or so drive from my home in Southern Ontario and offers a huge selection in custom made appliances.  Specializing in Retro or Antique styling…and will build to suit your dreams.

Not cheap either…

Hence why I do not own the stove of my dreams…yet….

The one pictured above is a wood/gas model, which I would make do with…but the actual Stove of my Dreams would be just a wood burning model, just like waaaay back in Frontierland days. 

Unless the Homestead gets a major renovation and gains the necessary space to house one of these gorgeous, oversized Black Beauties….it unfortunately will not happen.

I hate when my bubbles get burst…

One thought on “Dream Kitchen

  1. I want a similar stove 😀 except my dream one comes in white and chrome. Oh the fun I could have, I want gas and wood. I haul enough wood to keep the house warm. Well I don’t haul it, the boys do, but I keep it stoked.

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