Clutter Gremlins

I have Clutter Gremlins living in my Office/Sewing Room.  How else do you explain this mess?

All of sudden, one day out of the blue, I walk into the office and it looks like this….I swear it has to be Clutter Gremlins that hide under the desks and come out to wreak havoc in my teeny space when I am not looking.

After 2 hours of organizing and tossing, it is back to normal…..until the next time the Clutter Gremlins emerge….does anyone else have these mysterious critters in their house?  It can’t be just me that gets blessed with their shenanigans…..

4 thoughts on “Clutter Gremlins

  1. I do, but they are so good at their job that I have to look at your photos several times to see the difference….like those magazine puzzles “what’s different …” But then, according to your childhood memories post, my list of sentimental items is too lengthy and I’m in need of help 😀

  2. Clutter Gremlins? Good name! I swear they reproduce at rapid speeds all summer long. I have been sorting through closets, cupboards, desk tops and clutter corners. Also did some washing-turning my spiders homeless-(now they will probably protest and want some sort of compensation). My place gets cluttered all spring and summer. When late fall hits AKA snow falls, I start my cleaning process and things stay better all winter, but come spring….the cycle starts all over again. I TRY very hard and as I have been cleaning this year, it seems to be a lighter load. I think it has something to do with reading your declutter, clean this up, organize blogs-sort of military-but I love it!!! xoxo

    • Thanks chica! I think it has something to do with your larger-than-a-football-field garden that keeps you busy all spring and summer 😀 You have no time for anything else! 🙂

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