Childhood Memories

Are you a packrat?

Have you saved every single toy, magazine, book, first piece of chewed gum or lock of hair from your childhood?

If so, you need help…..

Childhood memories are just that, memories.  The mind can store tons of info and images, just like a computer.  Without the worry of hard drive failure to boot.


Sometimes you need to have the one special thing from your childhood that you just can NOT get rid of no matter what.  It could be worthless, broken, ripped or torn, but you love it and just can’t let go of it.

Here is mine….

Isn’t he adorable?  Someone, I do not know who, gave it to me shortly after I was born many moons ago.  He is a piggy bank in an elephant’s skin and stands a little over 6 inches high.  What is even more amazing, with him being made from ceramic, he has lasted 50+ years.  Oh he has a little chip in his bow around his neck that the lock hasp goes through, but other than that, he is pristine….and no, I didn’t break him on purpose to get at the change inside.  If I recall correctly, one of our family cats knocked him over when I was little.  I also lost the key for the lock long ago, but with the head lifting off easily, you can raid it anytime.

I just can not bear the thought of getting rid of him. EVER.

What do you have buried in the back of your closet or basement or proudly displayed on a shelf in the china hutch?  I am sure I am not the only one with that one particular childhood memory that you simply can not let go of….

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. oh my gosh Deb. I’m the one you hate. I have lots of stuff from my childhood and if that’s not bad enough, I have stuff saved for all four of my kids. Their excuse for not taking their stuff…..they don’t have any place for it. Well neither do I anymore either. Ugh…..I have got to get rid of this stuff.

    • I couldn’t hate you Anne – you are too sweet 🙂 Just careful not to invite me to visit…I will declutter your place while you are at work 😀

  2. I have a small cupboard that keeps several of these small memories safe. Many have come from relatives who have passed on. I had an aunt who was a huge ornament (dust collector) collector. She displayed many small glass figurines. As a child, I remember playing with a few favourites, and got in deep trouble (from my mom) when I accidentally broke one. My aunt was good about it, glued it back together, gave me a kiss on the head. When she passed, her son gave me that ornament. It has always held many memories.

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