Christmas Countdown ~ Day 14

Less than 2 weeks to go – are you panicked yet?  I hope not….  The past 13 Days should have you whipped into such a state of organization that even Martha Stewart would be impressed.

Today it is time to focus on that great big, metal box in the kitchen that sometimes holds a treasure trove of science experiments gone horribly awry.  Like the décor inventory post from the other day, today we take on Refridgerator Inventory! Woo-Hoo!  I know you are just as excited as I am….

The Refridgerator

Take a hard look at what is lurking in your fridge.  A pickle jar holding a single leaning Tower of Pisa pickle?  A bottle of barbeque sauce with barely one inch in the bottom?  A down-to-the-last scrape mayonnaise jar?  DO something with them today, or toss them NOW.

Starting on the top shelf, remove all leftovers, past-the-shelf-date foods, shriveled fruits and drooping vegetables.  Remember to place all past prime foodstuffs in your composter, your garden will thank you for their Holiday Meal next Spring!

The Goal: Make room for Holiday cooking.

Just like our waistbands, our refrigerators overflow during this time of year.

Clearing the shelves of out-dated food stuffs will make room for scrumptious Holiday meals and while you are at it…give the inside a thorough washing with hot, soapy water.  Giving germs and sticky residues the heave-ho will lessen the chances of food-bourne illness and cross-contamination.

NOW…you are ready to fill it with all those yummy recipes that have been on standby in the back of your brain.


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