Christmas Cards…

I enjoy sending and receiving Christmas cards.  I display them in my living room by attaching them to a long length of 3″ wide decorator ribbon and pinning it on the wall.  Cards make a room look festive all on their own.  I am one of the diehards that still hand writes notes inside Christmas cards every year, and this past weekend I sat down and completed 44 cards to send to family and friends.

Xmas Card imageI still don’t know how I know all these people…some are family, but the rest must be looking for an invite to my Christmas Eve get-together.  Moochers….

Do you still write out Christmas cards every year?

The younger generation seems to be shunning this practice and I wonder if in 20 years will there still be people around to send them?…or will we move permanently to e-cards?

I know proponents of tree savers will want to abolish the practice, but most cards are printed on recycled materials and you can always recycle the cards after the festive season has ended.  Some people send their cards to charitable organizations/schools which reuses the fronts of the cards in making new ones for people in nursing homes, etc.

Getting extra mileage out of a simple Christmas card to put a smile on someone’s face that otherwise might not get a card is a thoughtful touch of humanity.  We need more thoughtful touches of humanity, not just at this time of year…but all year round.

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