Walking Carefully Into 2021

Well, 2020 was a complete $hitshow.  My only bright spot was my 2 week vacation in Cuba back in January 2020 before the pandemic and lockdown hit.

Hubby and I bailed southern Ontario on March 25th to spend the rest of the year at the Northern Homestead. Best decision ever. In our remote area, there is not a whole lot of people and the case numbers low compared to Toronto and expanding area.

I spent the summer enthralled in my gardening, helped hubby side the new garage and 3 season room addition, among many other construction tasks.  Managed to get a heck of a lot of weaving done too with 2 looms and 3 spinning wheels up here as well as dyeing yarns while enjoying the solitude of the north country.

Only downside was the dreaded Covid-15 lbs I gained over the year, which amazes me since I was so active. So to start 2021 off, the first order of business is to lose said 15 lbs, and get back to a healthier lifestyle.  After that, learning some new weaving techniques and structures are high on the goal list.

Some eye candy for you all to start your year off, this is a Turned Twill Scarf woven using Tencel yarn (Tencel is a manmade fiber from the pulp of Gum trees) which has the same properties as silk, only much more affordable and a lot easier to care for.


I wish everyone a safe, happy and most of all, a HEALTHY New Year! Stay safe, please follow medical guidelines so we can stop the spread of this nightmare we are in.

Much love to all of you for being supportive readers, even though I have not been writing a whole lot the past year. I am looking to change that, and make it a priority for 2021 to get back to writing as I do miss it!


2 thoughts on “Walking Carefully Into 2021

  1. Well Deb, it’s nice to see you back to writing but most importantly, it’s great to see you survived the last year, (you and hubby, of course).

    We are here, out in the lonely country side, with no close neighbours but we also survived. Thanks for the beautiful gift you sent. It’s too pretty to use, really!

    After our last cat was put down, we vowed, no more cats……………but guess what, we kept that vow and now have 3 cats, siblings. It’s a long story but these kittens saved our sanity during the pandemic and are better than seeking professional help to save the said sanity. Callie, Rusty and Sandy keep us entertained and give us love every day. At 4 months old now, they’ve had their first shots, get their boosters later this months and off to the snip in March.

    I would include a picture of them but don’t know how to do that here so will send it another way.

    Jack agrees that your scarf it beautiful. (There’s no one else to ask right now so Jack will have to do :), and I agree.

    • Oh Lydia, how sweet of you take in the 3 bundles of fur. Thank you for the emailed photo, they are gorgeous! I understand about vowing not to have anymore kitties, but you saved these 3 from certain death, and yes, having kittens preoccupy you both is definitetly cheaper therapy! lol

      Thank you for the lovely compliments on my scarf (and from Uncle Jack too) and your Xmas gift, but please use the towel, you will be surprised how well it will last and how well it absorbs. I have some that are 5-6 yrs old now and still look great! 😉

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