The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year!

Bwahahahahaha…the kidlets head back to school today.  Thank goodness the running amok all day long, screeching like banshees is done with for another summer.

I don’t like children very much.  I tolerate them at best.  They are loud.  They can be smelly.  They can definitely be dirty…and they ask WAY too many questions.




I don’t know why!   Go ask your father!

So in honour of today’s special day (Back to School Day), I am spending the day in my jammies, knitting, reading, skinning and chopping tomatoes for sauce along with making one last batch of peach jalapeño jelly, all while reveling in the peace and quiet of the Great White North.

I am sad to see Summer fast coming to an end, but as the Staples commercial goes…

“It’s the most Wonderful Time Of The Year”


Ahhhh…the soothing sounds of silence….

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One thought on “The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year!

  1. Booooooo !! I hate when my kids go back to school, I love having them home !! But I am glad to see the summer weather go, I love fall and I bet it is beautiful in the fall where you are !! Enjoy 🙂

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