The Best Garlic Smoosher

I love Garlic….but I also hate smooshing Garlic.

It is messy, sticky stuff and makes your hands smell like garlic for days.  Which is fine if you want to ward off Vampires.  I also do not care to spend $20 on an over-priced, hard to clean garlic press gadget with some famous company’s logo on it.

Now I am not one for product endorsements, especially when I get nothing for it, but I found the perfect, cheap (frugal!) garlic press and I just have to share this wonderful invention…

Meet The Garlic Chop…


It is a clear, plastic piece of engineered beauty.  Shaped like a garlic bulb, it is comprised of 3 pieces….a bottom section, a top section and a middle disc that screws into the bottom section.



 You screw the middle disc onto the lower half and then push it gently into the bottom section.  From there, you add your peeled garlic cloves…



Once you have twisted (to the tune of Chubby Checker), pull apart the two halves and under the bottom section, poke your finger up the centre to push the middle disc upwards.  This releases the smooshed garlic for you to add to whatever it is you are cooking.

It also cleans up quickly and easily which is another plus in my book.

So how much is this little, green, plastic marvel?  Well, I paid 5 bucks for mine (on clearance) at the local grocery store a couple years ago and I love it.  I use it every time I need smooshed garlic, which is about 3-4 days a week.

For anyone wanting to buy their own, and I highly recommend you get one,
here is a link to their site: The Garlic Chop

Happy Smooshing!!

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