Super Bowl ~ Super Fattening Luncheon

I ate HOW MUCH in Calories???

Last Friday was the annual Stuper Bowl Luncheon.. I mean Super Bowl Luncheon at the office.  Hosted every year by my football crazed boss (meant in the nicest way too), it doesn’t matter if his team is in the ‘Big Game’ or not as he just loves football and likes to share his enthusiasm with the rest of us.  Thank you again Ed, we truly appreciate what you do every year for us (no, I am not sucking up, even though it looks like it).


The list of yummies gracing the back office bullpen that was masquerading as a Pub (minus the booze) is enough to harden the arteries of even the most stoic exercise-a-holics.

Fiery Hot Chicken Wings
Smokey BBQ Chicken Wings
Medium-Hot Chicken Wings
Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza
White Pizza
Veggie (as if it makes a difference) Pizza
Carrot and Celery Sticks with Dip (obligatory fresh veggies)
Tortilla Chips with Ed’s World Famous Guacamole (which was heavenly by the way)
Homestead CornBread Muffins (courtesy of moi)
and Chocolate Cupcakes…

Because if there isn’t quite enough fat in your bloodstream yet, the cupcakes will round it out.

Eating even a fraction of the above is a real eye opener…this is what I ate and what it added up to….

2 Hot chicken wings and 2 Smokey BBQ chicken wings = 241 calories
1/4 Cup Guacamole = 100 calories
‘Scoop’ Tortillas (10) = 100 calories
2 carrot sticks and 3 celery sticks = 25 calories
Vegetable Dip (about a Tbsp) = 80 calories
1 Cornbread Muffin = 186 calories

 This totals……732 CALORIES!!!!!!!  FOR LUNCH!

I was gobsmacked….thank goodness I was proactive and spent a solid hour and 10 minutes doing a harder-than-normal workout that morning to somewhat slow down the fat cells that would be speeding toward my butt.

Combine your breakfast numbers and then your dinner numbers to the above and it would be quite easy to consume 2,000 calories in one day.  Which on my wee-little frame, would add up to a wide-load sign being placed on my backside if I did this every day.

wide load

Thank goodness these types of events are only a few times a year….I can not imagine eating like this everyday.  A nap was in order after I got home from this one, and to be honest, my tummy wasn’t happy with the fried chicken wings later either.

Not to be all preachy (ok, maybe a little), but I can sure see why North Americans are suffering from diabetes brought on by eating stuff like this day in and day out. 

Today, I will be having my 1 cup of homemade soup and a small side salad for lunch, there will no wide load signs on my backside this summer!

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