Soup’s On!

Mmmmmmmm…..who doesn’t love the aroma of a pot full of home-made soup?   I am a sucker for new soup recipes too.  As soon as I come across one that really gets my taste buds fired up – I haul out the soup pot.  One of the benefits of soup is that it can also be one of your best tools for Weight Loss.  Soup needn’t be full of fat to be delicious!

Southwestern Turkey Soup

Southwestern Turkey Soup

Soup is not only a take-the-chill-off meal in the winter months, but it also delivers your daily intake of required meat, veggies and water, all in one neat little package.  Paired with a side salad and some multi-grain bread and you have a well rounded, satisfying meal.  One of the great benefits of making a large pot of soup is you then get to portion it out into individual containers which make for perfect lunches later on – just heat and eat!

Making soup is also the perfect time to utilize veggies and leftovers that have been hanging around in the fridge begging to be used up before they become a science experiment.

Here are some great soup recipes to fill your stock pot and they also happen to be great on the waist-line, but hearty enough for those ‘manly-men’ type that need to feel stuffed to the gills.  As for the Vegetarians out there, don’t panic, most of these can be made vegetarian with a couple of switch-outs.

Madeira Tomato & Onion Soup

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup


Corn, Potato & Onion Chowder


Sweet Potato Soup with Lime


Caribbean Black Bean Sweet Potato Soup


Southwestern Turkey Soup (great use for leftover turkey!)

Roasted Red Pepper & Butternut Squash Soup

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