Home Remedy ~ Poison Ivy Update

Hubby & I were in the car a couple weeks ago heading from the Homestead back south when one of the radio stations we listen to along the way had listeners call in with their home remedies for Poison Ivy.  Which was extrememly appropriate given that hubby was just getting over a bout from the nasty vine.

One of the Callers said he swears by Cider Vinegar or Malt Vinegar.  Just dab some on a cotton ball and swab the affected area. What did hubs have to lose?  So he tried it….AND IT WORKED!   It took the itchness away almost immediately and it worked a heck of a lot better than Calomine Lotion.

Now…if I could only get rid of the urge to have some fries with the Malt Vinegar I’d be good.

To coin a phrase that I am really not too fond of… ‘Timing is Everything’….If we had not been in the car at that time listening to that particular radio station, we never would have heard about it.

So if anyone out there comes manages to get themselves into a patch of poison ivy, now you now what to do!

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