Life’s Little Failures….

Ok, they may seem little to you, but I for one am devastated that my dang chives are refusing to sprout!  On February 7th,  I planted 5 kinds of peppers, 2 kinds of toms, parsley, cilantro and the chives.  Now over a month later, I re-planted more chive seeds on March 22nd…I know it is only the 29th today, but MAN, these suckers better come up soon.  I am being totally impatient here I’ll have you know…. hmph…I may have to go out and buy a chive plant next month.
*Update ~ OK….REALLY bummed now! The second set did not sprout, so obviously a dud package of chive seeds.  Luckily I had saved some seed pods from my chive plant last year and planted those on April 12th and they FINALLY sprouted on April 20th…at this rate, I’ll have chives in September!

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