Late Summer Woodland Sights

This morning I headed out on a solitary walk to view the surrounding flora and fauna as well as enjoy one of the last warm days of summer.  The end of August had arrived and even though we have a very humid air mass at the moment that seems to be stuck overhead I could feel the beginning of a change of season.

The days are shorter as well as the shadows cast from the sun slanting farther afield.  Some of the leaves on trees and shrubs are already starting to turn colour and the late summer flowering plants were in full bloom…plants like Wild Aster & Goldenrod

Wild Aster

Goldenrod and wild aster

and a few wild Evening Primroses scattered along the roadside offering up their showy blooms for me to appreciate and admire.

Evening Primrose

As I headed down Bear Creek Road, the woodlands on either side of the road were silent except for one lively Chickadee.  2 months ago there was a cacophony of birdsong from the many different warblers, veery, sparrows et al that was at times deafening.  Today though, all was quiet in the woods with most of the summer avians already making their way south to warmer climes leaving behind the winter residents to enjoy the peaceful woodlots by themselves.

I came across a silver maple that had one of its lower branches just starting to turn colour, along with the low lying Virginal Creeper displaying a lonely branch that had turned crimson red against a still green backdrop.

Virginia Creeper

Soon the woodlands would be a brilliant display of golds, yellows, oranges and reds, along with crisp, cooler air, but for today, as I walked along enjoying the peace and quiet of my solitary stroll with the different shades and hues of green greeting my eyes, I was savouring every last moment of warmth from the waning season.

Once I got to Bear Creek at the beginning of Bear Creek Road, I turned around and headed back but not before snapping a pic of the shallow creek that runs under the road.  The summer drought had dropped its level dramatically, but with the recent rains it was starting to creep up to its normal level this time of year.

Bear Creek_08_29_18

As I headed back to the Homestead, a noise to my left caught my attention.  I strained to see into the still green woods and just barely caught a glimpse of a deer as she headed farther back into the woods out of sight.  I attempted to snap a pic of her but she was gone in an instant, leaving me to reflect on how such a large creature can seemingly vanish before my eyes like a ghost.


 I never take the world around me for granted, there are so many things to see and enjoy in the great outdoors, in any weather, in any season and I encourage you to do the same.  Put down the phone, get outside and explore nature in all its beauty!




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