Jack and the Beanstalk…

Or perhaps the Giant Redwood and the Sugar Snap Pea Shoot….however you want to compare, THIS is the difference between my tomato plants and my pepper plants at the moment….
This Poblano Pepper plant is only about 5″ high, the Tom Tomato immediately behind it is about 2′ feet high and you could literally watch it grow if you sat in the living room long enough.  Did I mention that Pepper plants are slow growers? on the other hand, the toms look they are on steroids and I have done nothing different in raising the two types…nature of the garden beast!
As for my tomatillos, they are already flowering ~ loco as it sounds as it is only mid-April!  A single, gorgeous yellow blossom popped out over the weekend.  I left it alone but promptly pinched the rest of the buds off the other plants (and this one) so as to encourage more leaves/stems.    I may try to pollinate this one with a leftover ornamental pepper plant that is currently flowering and see what happens.  Apparently tomatillos need other tomatillo plants nearby to pollinate, so wondering if the cross-pollination from a pepper plant would suffice – hmmm… I feel like the mad scientist….it’s experiment time!
The blossom opens during the day and looks like a Buttercup flower and closes up at night, I will try and get a shot of it open later today.
And here is the flower as it is open, the petal seem to fold back onto themselves
Since today is supposed to be a nice warm day with a high of 20C, I may put them out to enjoy some fresh air protected from the wind so they get acclimatized before planting in the garden.  I need to get these guys in the ground soon and re-claim my living room!
Stay tuned!

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