How To Make Home-Made Tortilla Chips

Yum…who doesn’t love tortilla chips and salsa? or with Guacamole? or heck, just hoovering them up out of the bag mindlessly while you sit in front of the tv watching Guy Fieri nosh his way through triple bypass inducing food on Triple D.  Admit it, you are just like that aren’t you?

I am…EXCEPT…the only thing I do not like about commercial tortilla chips is the salt.

I mean really, do they need to syphon so much water from the Mediterranean and dry it out and then douse the chips with them?  Seems like it to me. I for one can’t take all that salt, my tongue peels several layers the next day after such an event and leaves me with zero taste buds left.

I have never really been a ‘Salty’ person.  They say you are either a ‘Sweets’ person or a ‘Salty’ type…me, I am definitely a ‘Sweets’ kind of gal.  BUT, I do crave tortilla chips and therefore I was on a mission to FIND some type that didn’t make my tongue peel or bloat me up with sodium.

Not so easy a task let me tell you.  So I did the next best thing, I MADE my own.  This way, you can enjoy your tortilla chips saltless (or with a controlled amount, your preference) or  add different flavourings to whatever tickles your taste buds.

Here is my version of home-made tortilla chips.  They are SO easy to make and you will never go back to buying commercially made ones again (unless you want your tongue to peel).

Chipotle~Lime Tortilla Chips


1 bag 6″ Whole Wheat Tortillas
One Lime, juiced (about 2 Tbsp)
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
Ground Chipotle Chile Powder


Using a pizza wheel, cut tortillas into triangles and arrange them on parchment paper lined cookie sheets.


Whisk the Olive Oil and the Lime Juice together and using a pastry brush, cover the top side of the torilla chips with the oil/juice mixture.


DSC06282Sprinkle lightly with the Ground Chipotle Chile powder (this stuff is s-p-i-c-y! therfore a little goes a looong way).

DSC06285Bake in a 375F° oven for about 10-12 minutes, keep an eye on them though, they go from lightly browned and crisp to burnt in seconds.  Depending on how hot your oven is.

Remove them from the oven, flip them over, then repeat the brushing of oil/juice and sprinkling of the chipotle chile powder.  Then place them back in the oven to crisp up the top side (about another 10 minutes or so).

DSC06287Once done, remove them from the oven to cool and then serve with your fav salsa, guacamole or chip dip.


4 thoughts on “How To Make Home-Made Tortilla Chips

  1. I tried these before, they did NOT turn out like that, WTH? Maybe I need to try again. We love to hoover them with salsa and guac too and I also have issues with the salt. I feel bloated just by smelling an open bag of store bought. AND I have also felt my tongue peel, makes me think of a sun burn on the tongue, ouch and yuck. Anyway great tips and I will attempt again. I have a request…. need step by step directions to make Masa soft tortillas PLEASE! I have the bag of Masa flour, it just needs water added to it. I have a cast iron tortilla press. I have attempted and failed to make these damn things so many times. The pieces end up in stuffing or seasoned and dried for croutons on salad. Not sure what I am doing wrong or maybe my expectations for the masa tortilla is too high, but I fail at them over and over. Sooooooo when you have time, maybe later today or first thing tomorrow ASAP can you please make these, photo them, blog about it and let me know 😛
    Thanks Chica

    • Hey there chica… what kind of tortillas are you using? If you are using home-made, try and make them as thin as possible. Sometimes I find thicker ones do not work out. As for the masa soft tortillas….man, I tried once after I returned from Mexico last year and failed miserably as well. The two lovely Mayan ladies that were demonstrating at the cooking class I was in made it look SO easy. As I was watching them, they did not measure anything, they just went by ‘feel’ and expertly pumped out hundreds of them. I think you just need more practice, and what doesn’t work out ~ feed to your chickens and turkeys 😀 I do not have a tortilla press, I was peeved at myself for not buying one in Mexico. I will work on the demo for soft masa tortillas and see what I can do for you 😛

  2. Thanks for the reply, yes my torilla are the homemade ones, good point. My guys asked that I make them a little thicker to hold all their ingredients without tearing. They pack those wraps with so much filling, looks like they need some duct tape to hold them all together. I will make some thinner ones to bake-smart chickky. I purchased the tortilla press at a Mexican market in the city, it is cast iron, I think about 25 bucks. I like it, must need more practice. It starts the flour tortilla, to make a nice circle shape then a quick roll with the rolling pin finishes it off. The masa tortillas smoosh down nice and thin with this device. I will continue to practice in small batches to find the right consistency. Must be like making pie crust or bread dough, I have not found the right FEEL for the masa as yet. The chickens and turkeys have eaten a few mistakes in the past, LOL, I think I seen a chicken sporting a sombrero and trying to sell oranges to the other chickens one day—must have fed them too many tacos:P

    • LMAO! I can now picture a sombrero wearing ‘pollo’ 🙂 Too funny chica! Practice is my best advice…good luck and if you perfct the masa tortillas…mail me some 😛

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