How To Identify Poison Ivy…

BEFORE you come into contact with it…. Like my husband did….

One word for you…. I-T-C-H-Y!!!!!


As the Old Saying goes…’Leaves of Three, Leave them Be’.

The above plant is one of many on the Homestead, this one was trying to sprout where I planted Nasturtiums.  It has since been eliminated.  There are still many, many of them left around the property, but mostly in places we do not frequent (back bush area).  We are now highly mindful of what it looks like and where it is growing.

Hubs was trying to pull out some maple tree suckers and weeds by the dock and apparently there were a couple plants of poison ivy amongst them.  Within 48 hours, he had an angry, itchy rash showing up on his legs, arms and fingers.

I of course then went off to the store and bought a couple bottles of Calamine Lotion, a bag of Cotton Balls and some Benedryl.  Which is about all you can do.  It then needs to run its course.  Along with a heck of a lot of self-cursing for not checking first before he started yanking.

Lesson Learned!

4 thoughts on “How To Identify Poison Ivy…

  1. Thanks, Deb!! Great refresher! Highly allergic! Partners on the course with an errant shots find themselves alone in the woods searching for their golf ball! 😉 I sure hope your hubby is feeling better soon! The “itch” is maddening!!

  2. Oh my, poor hubby. Hope he feels better. With all of our outdoor adventures we have never come across this horrid plant, knock on wood, tap, tap, tap. Lots of lotion and I can picture him with socks on his hands to keep from scratching-LOL- used to do that with the boys when they got chicken pox or bad skeeter bites.

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