Fall into the Season

What a fabulous Summer we have had here on the Homestead.  Lots of fun things (and not so fun things…i.e. ROOFING) were done over the past few months but we definitely also took some time to enjoy the great weather and good times with family.

Now that Fall is officially here tomorrow, it’s time to clear out the summer T’s and unpack the three S’s – Sweaters, Sweatshirts & Socks (I hate socks by the way, nothing but toe smotherers they are, evil things).  But I do love to put on a cozy sweater, grab a cup of hot cocoa and sit and watch the leaves fall.  Of course, then I have to clean up said leaves…. 

Speaking of leaves, on my way back to the city this week, the hills are turning glorious colours of yellow, orange and fire red.  Mother Nature is showing off her brilliant orange hues in advance of her gray and white Winter evening gown, which will be here all too soon.

The annual migration of local birds is well under way, last Thursday was the last day I saw a Hummingbird at the feeder.  They seem to have departed in advance of a cold front that was moving through the next day, smart little critters, wish I had my own set of wings.  Most of  the remaining birds at the feeders are the year round residents.  Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Nuthatches, BlueJays and Evening Grosbeaks to name a few.

The deer have been brazen this past week, one decided my perennial garden would be a great drive-in buffet, chowing down on my Columbine and then funny enough, licking the salt off the poison ivy plants that hubby has been trying to eradicate over by the composter.  Good thing nothing will happen to him, apparently only humans react to the oils of the poison ivy plant, animals are immune…lucky!

Summer fun may be gone, but there are plenty of fun things ahead for the coming season.  Brisk walks on chilly mornings bring a spring to your step (well, for me it’s a necessity as I am pretty much always cold), evening campfires with more hot cocoa (and a splash of Bailey’s) while roasting hotdogs, who says campfires are for summer only?   Fall Fairs are in full swing and soon it will be time to gather pumpkins in anticipation of Halloween.

I hope you take advantage of the wonderful climate we live in and get out there and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

Me, I will enjoy the Fall, but this Summer Gal will always have a soft spot for flip flops, shorts and a beach chair….

2 thoughts on “Fall into the Season

  1. pull up another chair and add a splash of Baileys to my coffee. I had to put on the fuzzy socks, we have tile (on the heavy traffic area in the living room) and I thought I was walking on ice the other day.
    The colours are changing and we are enjoying some warmer weather right now. The leaves still want to fall-funny how they know it is time to pack up for winter as well. The flower beds have been pulled, the peppers transplanted to bring in and winter them through until the last of the buds grow into large edible fruit. Small plants of herbs have been brought in to winter in the window. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year.
    Thanks for showing some beautiful picks of your part of the world. Take it all in as a beautiful memory and wait out the cold winter. 🙂

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