Don’t Buy Cheap Crap….

Nothing is more frustrating than buying something, getting it home and within one day, it is in pieces.  Not only are you pissed at yourself for buying the cheap item, but you are also pissed at the cheap manufacturer of said product.

That was me last week.  I bought these Bypass Pruners for gardening, you know, when you need to trim your tomato plants, harvest your peppers or prune your wayward nasturtiums.

Within one hour of using these things…S-N-A-P goes one of the handles.  Broke clean off….. Cheap piece of $#*%&!!!!  I’ll give you one guess as to where they were made.


I returned them to point of purchase and the lady at the returns counter kinda looked at me funny.  I said they were used once and promptly snapped.  Perhaps your store shouldn’t be selling products that are not meant to be ‘used’.  They should come with a warning on the label ‘Caution – may break if actually put to use’.

On to the next pair.  This time I bumped up the dollar value significantly.  Let’s see how well these do…time will tell…..


2 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Cheap Crap….

  1. I received a pair of these for Mother’s Day from the boys 2 years ago, they are still going strong and I have used them on REAL branches. I used to “Borrow” Hubs’ snips from work to tackle many small jobs. He eventually got tired of wandering around the yard to my last project to find his snips and eventually realized that I needed my own trimmers.

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