Critters around the Homestead

Every day is different here on the Homestead.  You just never know what you will encounter at any given moment.  Sometimes I am lucky to have my camera with me, sometimes not (like when we were driving in one day and a young bear cub was in the middle of the dirt road as we rounded a bend, missed that photo op), but the majority of time I have been able to drop whatever I was doing to snap a shot or two…or three…or….

Well…..You get the idea.

Here in no particular order, are various critters taken over the course of the last few months.  I am still waiting for the opportunity to snap pics of a local Beaver and a family of Minks, but they are shy and disappear underwater in a flash.

Male & Female American Goldfinches

Great Blue Heron

Cedar Waxwing

12 Spotted Dragon Fly

Leopard Frog

Song Sparrow

Male & Female Pileated Woodpecker

Black Capped Chickadees

Juvenile Mallard Ducks (my growing babies)

Bluejay (Thief of the Peanut Hoarder)

Female Hairy Woodpecker

Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird

White Breasted Nuthatch

Common Loon

The Peanut Hoarder… I mean Chipmunk

Bald Eagle

Osprey (on her nest)

Young White Tailed Deer (young buck)

And finally, this adorable creature lives just a short walk down the road.  She loves carrots, apples and tons of attention!  I do not know what her real name is, but I call her ‘Oddball’…because of her eyes.  She is the friendliest horse I have ever come upon, and I have known plenty over the years!

Oddball the Mare

I hope you enjoyed a quick tour of the Homestead Zoo.  Thanks for following!

6 thoughts on “Critters around the Homestead

  1. Oh my, I laughed, I drooled, I oooed and awwwed. Very nice pics, love the pileated wood peckers, when they take flight they are interesting to watch. We have 1 in the area who teases all the picture taking tree huggers. Many neighbours speak of it, but it’s a little photo shy.
    It landed on the yard one day, when all the family was home so I had proof that I was not losing my mind, and we took many pics of it. It bopped around the trees, through the garden and across the lawn. The boys could get quite close before it would just move a few feet and carry on it’s business.
    I read your tutorial in a Lorne Greene voice 😛

    • Pileated Woodpeckers are VERY shy! These two have started coming back around after nesting season is over. They were here in Spring and then disappeared for the past couple months. I am sure you were drooling over the buck and ducks! 😀 HA! Lorne Greene indeed … what a flashback!

      • Oh, and I almost ran into that deer yesterday morning on my way in, he was bolting across the road as I was rounding the bend. Slammed on the brakes and he skidded too. We stared at each other, I snapped a pic, then he was gone 😛

  2. Awwwwwwww………although i was leary at first, in that, when i think of “critters” i see bugs. i HATE bugs. so, i wasn’t too sure what i was in for. YAY!!!!! no bugs 🙂 *insert happy dance here* thank you for these few wonderful moments and memories of a lifetime of summers in Temagami. enjoyed this very much!

    • LOL! Oh Deb…it’s North Bay, not Temagami 🙂 but that’s ok, glad you ventured in to have a look see….no bugs, I hate them as much as you. There are some doozies up here 😛

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