Chic Garden Tool Organizer

HOORAY! It is Spring time! (yes, I hate winter and have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the warm weather to get here).  With the arrival of Spring, my thoughts turn to gardening and I anxiously throw on my ‘garden grubbies’ and old sneakers and head out to the shed to dust off my garden tools…. but I can’t find them…I swore I put them right there on the shelf in the shed last Fall.  But the mysterious Winter Gremlins must have hid them on me, or my spouse ‘borrowed’ them to change the oil in the car. Whatever the reason, they have now vanished and I have nothing to dig with.

So what to do? Well, forget the old, rusty tools.  Head to your favourite Garden Centre or Home Depot and buy yourself some new shiny trowels and garden spades.  Then hide them in your trunk until you have finished this trendy, useful, and not to mention stylish Garden Tool Organizer project.  

DSC06486Isn’t this just about the most handy-dandy thing you have ever seen?  Complete with pockets along the bottom for seed packets and measuring tape, it also features a nylon webbing strap that allows tools to hang across the middle.  Genius I tell you!  Once complete, who the heck wants to hang this in a dirty old shed or garage?  If you are lucky enough to have an actual Potting Shed to showcase this in, perfect!  If not, find a space in the back hall or laundry area where you can hang it on a simple towel rod and voila, you will never have Winter Gremlins stealing your tools again.

DSC05875 Suggested Fabrics ~ Sturdy, Home Decorating Fabric, Denim, Twill or Ticking.  I always have lots of spare/leftover fabric around and even the buttons worked out as they range in colour from light tan to dark brown picking up the tones in the fabric.  This project cost me nothing to make but my time.  For complete instructions on how to make your own, click here: Tool Organizer

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