Blueberry Surprise

I bet you think this is a post about a yummy, delicious, ooey-gooey-sugary Blueberry Dessert…. Nope. Sorry to burst your bubble. Maybe tomorrow I will post one….

Today’s post is about Mother Nature being thoroughly confused.  As I write this, the date is September 17, 2012 and as I headed out for my daily walk, I didn’t get very far when I came upon this sight….

Yep….blueberry plants with flowers on them.  Loco.  Muy Loco even.  It has been a weird and stressful summer for the native plants on the Homestead.  May was dry, dry, dry.  June gave us a bit of rain, not much.  The area Townships and Ministry of Natural Resources issued fire bans for much of Northeastern Ontario for all of May and part of June, then re-instated the fire ban on July 2nd which lasted until August 7th. 

It has been so dry that the poor blueberry plants shriveled before they could set their fruit.  Not just the blueberries suffered, many other plants did as well, one of the young maples behind the house shed it’s leaves in August, giving up on any rain to fall this year and went into dormancy.

But now the blueberry plants are suddenly springing to life like it really is Spring.  The last couple weeks has been warm…and wet.  With the plants not fulfilling their yearly cycle, I guess they decided better late than never.

I just hope the flowers turn to berries before we get hit by a frost that will surely extinguish their final attempt…hardy little guys they are.  I will have an update in a couple weeks time if they finally bear their fruit.  More imporantly, I hope to get to the berries before the bears do….

One thought on “Blueberry Surprise

  1. LOL, you tease. I was hoping for some great new calorie counted recipe 😛 Mother Nature must be going through menopause. She sure played havoc on all things, this year. We received more rain in the month of June than we do most summers. The east coast was dry, parts of the States were in drought. It is just odd. Our farmers are whooping it up. Wonderful crops, little hail or wind damage, and now they have beautiful sunny, windy days to try to get that crop into the bins. They trying to stay focused and not counting their chickens just yet, but it looks like a good year for them. They sure deserve it, 2 years of drought, hail damage and 2011 flooded spring left many fields baron. Our hay field payed out nicely this year.
    The price of wheat is going to soar with all the internation problems. Buy your flour now, stock up a bit for the winter. I used to pay 3.49 for a 20kg bag, now I find it on sale for 7-8.00, buy next spring I suspect it to be 12.00+ per bag. I have 4 bags in the cold room now and will be grabbing a few more by November. OK farm report is done, carry on with the music 🙂

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