Bathroom On A Truck

This post is an update on our bathroom reno.  Technically, there really isn’t anything to *update* other than we are in possession of our building permit and have one wall framed.

It isn’t for the lack of time or effort that we haven’t moved that quickly.  We were waiting for the permit and my plumber to come back from vacation.  Now that he has returned from some sunny, hot place that I am jealous of, he can get to work busting open the basement floor to install new connections for the commode and sink.  Afterwards, with the subsequent inspection and approval by the City, we are on to slapping drywall up and flinging mud and tape at the newly laid walls.

From there, it is finishing touches of tiling, painting, installing the cabinet, sink and toilet and putting up the electrical fixtures.  Speaking of fixtures, yesterday morning I headed to Home Depot to order stuff….which took me an hour.  I can’t say as I have ever spent that long all at once in that type of store.  I almost had the urge to put on a tool belt, declare myself a contractor and head to the power tool section to buy myself a reciprocating saw. If the tool belt had come in purple I would have.

There are just so many details to look after when embarking on a reno project.  Starting with what is the overall style/look you are going for and then sitting down for days in advance looking up hundreds of sinks and cabinetry options, taps and the ever important question “should we opt for a standard toilet or go with the Dual Flush Eco-Friendly option?”.

Sidebar ~ Did you know that Home Depot  has 3 toilets listed on their website that are over $2,000 EACH? Yes, you can buy a commode that says ‘my $hit is worth it’.  Don’t ask me what it does extra for that price…I don’t want to know.  If you don’t believe me, head to and see for yourself.

Anyway, back to my miniscule bathroom reno.  So I ordered a bunch of stuff and it will be coming in the next 2 weeks or so.  The cabinet/counter/sink combo thing is a Special Order that will take the longest to come in, but because we only want to have things delivered once, I ordered the drywall and toilet at the same time with all of it being delivered together.  It will be known as a The Bathroom on a Truck.

I just need to pickup my light fixtures and taps, then settle on floor tile.  I had a peek at floor tile yesterday and unless I see something better in my travels, that will be *the* one. Or I could change my mind and hate it the next time I see it.   After all, I am a woman and I am entitled to change my opinion now and then.

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2 thoughts on “Bathroom On A Truck

  1. I very much prefer linoleum for bathroom floors. Easier to clean, warmer,more comfortable, and things don’t shatter when they fall to their doom. Take a look, there are lots of flooring options that look very convincingly like tile.

    • I would love to go that route Kathy, but the point of selling later this year means ceramic tile for improved resale value. I imagine 4 kids in one bathroom = lots of things falling to their doom 🙂

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