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  1. I just made 28 pints of this yesterday and it looks just like the stuff you get out of the can only better! Good way to use up my abundance of jalapeños. I didn’t grow any anaheims might next year but the jalapeños really made it taste good. I doubled the recipe except for the jalapeños. It was “warm”. We like things spicy so this was really good. Thanks for a great recipe!

  2. In your picture it looks like you’ve used onions? We don’t get new mexican chilies in south africa so I used jalapeño. Landed up getting the dreaded jalapeño burn despite wearing gloves when chopping. Ouch! I haven’t tasted yet but will be making sour cream enchaladas soon where this will be used. Will post again once tasted

    • Ouch on the Jalapeno burn! I hope you are well now! Yes, I did use onions, just regular, white sweet onions. Sour cream enchiladas sound divine! You must share when you have made them and yes, the Ro~Tel will go nicely with the sour cream (helps to temper the heat of the chiles) ;)

  3. We just made a batch and it’s simmering on the stove .. It looks really liquid y right now ..should i drain off the excess ?

    • My apologies for not answering sooner as I was away for the long weekend. I guess you dealt with your issue already, if your tomatoes are really juicy, you will have excess liquid. Up to you whether you want the extra liquid or not. In the future, if your tomatoes are watery, you could chop and drain those for a few hours first before completing the recipe.

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