Condo Kitchen Facelift

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I am thrilled.  I am absolutely REALLY Thrilled.  No, wait, I think I am over-the-moon ECSTATIC that my horrid kitchen has been banished for good, maybe only haunting me in my dreams, but, I can finally say MY KITCHEN IS DONE!!!  I want to run up to the 17th floor of the building and holler from someone’s balcony on the Penthouse level (cause it’s higher than mine) that MY KITCHEN IS DONE!

Ok, maybe not, but you get the idea at least.  All it took was 6 working days to go from this….

Yellow Countertopto this….

DSC04332 DSC04331 DSC04329 DSC04326I adore it.  Everything.  From the paint colour (Chiptole Red – bet your surprised there eh?) The Blanco Silgranite sink (I had it in the house, loved it so much I had to put one in here), the drawer pulls, the countertop choice (bye bye yellow!), even the new cabinet above the fridge opening (it was removed years ago apparently).  EVERYTHING.

All this happened in 6 working days.  How you ask?  Well, I can unequivocally tell you that unless you are changing the layout of a kitchen, a facelift is the most economical choice for the majority of homeowners.  I am now a new fan of this concept.  New cabinet doors and drawer fronts are custom-made from your choice of a variety of styles and tones.  Countertops are simple, cheap and also come in a wide variety of colours and styles along with handles and drawerpulls.  At the end of the week, I have basically a brand new kitchen for less than half of a total gut job.

Now the hard part, putting everything back in the cupboards that had to come out.  It is a small price to pay though for having a beautiful kitchen that just boosted my home equity nicely!

Tonight I get to actually cook something in the oven for a change, instead of a microwave.



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I’m Not A Deer Hat & Scarf

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I thought I made a post last Fall about the hat that I knit for deer hunting season….but upon close inspection of past articles, nope, found nothing.

To back track a wee smidgeon, last Fall I went for a walk, around the first week of November, or whenever deer hunting season (with guns) starts in Ontario.  As I am walking down the road (my daily ritual), hunters in full gear on ATV’s whizzed by me with their guns strapped to the backracks.

Hmmm I thought, not a good place to be out walking with all these hunters around with nothing to differentiate me from the woodsy surroundings.  So when I got back to the Homestead, I opened my laptop and promptly placed an order from Knitpicks for their Swish yarn (super durable and excellent for hats/scarves and mittens) in their “Hot Tamale” colourway.  This ought to make my head a beacon as I walk in the wooded areas I thought.

After a week, my hat was done and I was safely able to continue my walks without fear of being mistaken for a deer in the bush.

20151113_074908_medium2Pretty bright there eh?

I had ordered 3 balls of the yarn with the intention of making either mitts or scarf out of the rest, but once hunting season ended and winter set in, the hat was set aside for a less toned down version and the remaining yarn set aside until the right project came along.

Enter my last post (Atomic Sunrise), after experimenting with food colouring and turning out a vibrant skein of yarn, the project leaped to the forefront of what to do with both the handspun/hand dyed yarn and the leftover hat yarn.

I scoured the Ravelry website for a pattern that would utilize the amount of yardage I had on hand as  I didn’t have enough for a full blown winter scarf, but plenty for a shorter, narrower “Fall” scarf that would be enough to cover the neck from chilly Fall air.

It took some time to locate one I liked out of literally hundreds and hundreds of patterns, and settled on one called “Dragon Skin“, because the pattern looks…well, like dragon skin!

I started with the part ball of leftovers, which was really about 85% of a ball, then used the handspun, followed up by the last full ball of the Hot Tamale and voila!

DSC04277 DSC04274A scarf that matches the colour intensity of the hat, albiet with a strong textural difference.  Sure, it may not be matching and symmetrical, but heck, I like to live dangerously.

I am looking forward to this coming Fall to be able to flaunt my hat and scarf to the hunters like a matador waving a red cape to a bull!





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