Fuerig’s Offering

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Remember Fuerig? The black baby alpaca fibre I received back in the early Spring?  Well after a few weeks of washing, carding and spinning this lusciously soft and silky fibre, it turned into a gorgeous jet black skein of yarn just begging to be petted and smooshed.  Trust me, ask anyone who knits or crochets what they do with a pretty skein of soft yarn and you will understand our crazy ways.

DSC06093Smooshing aside, I spent considerable time looking for the perfect shawl pattern to showcase the lovely fibre.  It couldn’t be too complicated a stitch pattern as the black fibre would make any intricate stitch definition disappear, rendering it a total waste of time and energy.  I settled on a simple pattern with a scalloped lace edging featuring tiny seed beads set in like iridescent blue stars against a jet black sky.


Knitting didn’t take too long as the first 80% of the shawl was a boring knit, but boring was good as I was soon going to be challenged in the final outer lace pattern section with painstakingly inserting hundreds of teeny blue beads onto stitches as I knit along each row.  Definitely took some time and patience, but it was well worth it.  This is the first time I have ever knit with beads and I am not too sure I will do so again, but for this project, it was how to best show off the qualities of Fuerig’s fleece.

_DSC6431I know this will become a treasured heirloom and I am looking forward to having this draped around my shoulders on cool evening walks on our winter vaction to the Caribbean this coming January.





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